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Top 10 Online Sites Where You Can Buy Cool Geeky Stuff

Have you ever wondered where the geeky but cool college kids buy their stuff? Well, online of course!  If you are still wondering which sites should be used for online shopping in order to get the best gadgets, and most amazing super-cool stuff – here is the list of the best, top ten online websites which every geek (not just the college geek) has used at least once to buy something completely amazing and breath-taking!


  1. ThinkGeek

This cool and amazing site is absolutely perfect for everyone, who is a fan of cool and geeky stuff. Here you can find not just gadgets, but also jewelry, clothing items, accessories and an array of computer stuff.

  1. Meninios

If you want to buy a funky kitchen ware, mugs and cups, or iPhone cases all at the same place you will hit the jackpot with Meninios. This amazing site will provide you with the ultimate experience of online shopping.


  1. Firebox

Firebox is so amazing namely because it offers something for everyone. Here you can get everything you ever dreamed of, and all you will have to do is to take out a couple of minutes to do your online shopping.

  1. ParamountZone

If you want to buy a perfect gift for someone or yourself, you will definitely find it on ParamountZone site. This site offers an array of gadgets and items which you will find only in online shops such as this one!

  1. Latestbuy

Latestbuy is yet another super-cool amazing internet site where you can do your shopping and get some of the trendiest items out there!


  1. Gifts

The name says it all! This web site is the perfect place where you will find a perfect gift! While once we were restrained by the place we live in, in the modern day world the world is your oyster and everything you can ever imagine can be bought and found online!

  1. Treat Him

This site will be especially interesting to ladies who want to treat their men. Here you will be able to find all sorts of gifts which you can present to your beau. It is truly amazingly unique and romantic way to do the internet shopping!

  1. I Want One Of Those

I simply love this site! It’s filled with the most random gadgets you can imagine and it is completely awesome! You will simply love it!

  1. Prezzybox

If you want to find a unique and downright weird gift this is a place for you! Prezzybox has things you have never thought you will be able to find anywhere – but luckily we have this amazing online store to save us!


  1. Cygnett

Ah, Cygnett is a true haven for all tech-freaks (me included!), and you will absolutely love it! Cygnett offers an array of protection cases for iPhones, Pods and Pads and other brands’ devices. You will enjoy it!